Eternal Teenage Angst

by Veil of Ashes

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Twenty five years ago, Phil Meads, Sean Doty and I were introduced by a common friend, Batz in the Belfry artist Nelson Di Marco.

At that first rehearsel we went from Depeche Mode to The Damned by way of The Mission UK.

"Three chords and the truth", although it was first said by U2, it became our battle cry.

We wanted to speak the truth in all it's unvarnished glory, beauty and sorrow.

We did everything in the post-punk ethic of "do it yourself.

Through struggle and self promotion we rose to become the only alternative band in the Bay Area that could sell out a club on our name alone.

We played with the biggest alternative artists of the day.......Chris Issack, The Psychedelic Furs, The Ocean Blue, Social nauseaum.

We had never meant ourselves to be a church band, 'and there in lies
the rub"

The list goes on......and so does life.....

Over seven years we had many personal changes but, Sean and I remained the constant factor.

Everyone who was a member of "Veil" left their own indelible mark on the sound and personality of the band..............

And without whom there would not have been a continuing "Veil"..............

I listen to these tracks and am transported to a time when it was "three young men against the world".

I hope you enjoy this compilation of old and "new" Veil as much as I do still.

With all my love and affection,

~ Brian Kirsch (who is better known as "Sterling, the only and ever bassist of "Veil of Ashes")


released March 17, 2013

All songs by Veil of Ashes

Cover artwork imagined by Sterling but made manifest through the great skill and talent of our dear friend, Jimmy Arceneaux.



all rights reserved


Veil of Ashes Oakland, California

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Track Name: Angel Falls
A blond haired girl trys out for a play
She gets the part and danced all day
Got her wings and learned to fly
By the moon, through the clouds, stars and sky
The man in the moon blew her a kiss
But it got lost in the clouds and missed
The twinkle in the star caught her eye
She did not look and flew right by
And the angel falls, caught sleeping with the star
And the angel falls, seems she forgot her line
And the angel falls, heaven seems so very far
and the angel falls, life seems so unkind
Night after night and day after day
Through every act and each matinee
She made the angel pure and sweet
And hoped their eyes would never meet
Then one day, we remember when
They locked eye's and hearts and then
Without a sound, without a motion
She gave the star complete devotion
The speech each night that he gave
She put them in her heart to save
But in the end she was just a part
The season was over before it could start
The star would bow and leave her behind
And all she saved, forgotten in time
That fateful night she donned her wings
And flew past the stars without any strings
Track Name: Demon Box
Took a look inside / To let the demons in
Opened up my soul / To all the things they did
Liked the taste of sin / Like butterfly's in Spring
Every time I let them in / I'd sample what they'd bring
I watched the crucifixion
Kept Christ on the cross
Turned my back on ressurec
I didn't mind the loss
I broke all my promises
Washed myself of guilt
I played among the ruins
That my hands had built
Tired of the light / Of living like a saint
Hopeless situations / That my mind would paint
Can't live under pressure / Life runs up a glass
Kept waiting for an answer / To only see it pass
I still believe / But left hope along the way
I know I will receive / Judgement for my ways
Can't live for tomorrow / Only for today
Don't look at me with sorrow / Or close your eye's to pray
Track Name: Seraphim Twist
Angels sing / Spin pirouettes above her
She walks in beauty / So full of grace, I love her
The only one who knows my soul
The only one who can make me whole
Loyal and true / My heart pumps blood for her
Full of Sorrow's joy / My true lover
The only one who knows my soul
The only one who can make me whole
And where she goes, she goes
She knows I'll follow after
Through a sea of glass
I'd swim to hear her laughter
When she looks down on me
From her pedestal
The fire in her eye's
Leaves me empty and full
Life and limb / I'd surely loose these things
for a spark and flame / Love's a consuming thing
The only one who knows my soul
The only one who can make me whole